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Special Events:               

eMotion Pedicab will go to just about any location in CA, NV, AZ and OR to provide festive transportation and display options. Venues can include fairs, festivals, conv
entions, weddings or any public or private event imaginable.

For the various passenger service and advertising/promotional events, the following rates apply:

Up to 2 hours from the agreed spot time:           $195


Each additional hour:                                          $45                              

We must be flexible and negotiable, as no situation is the same.  Travel to serve events beyond a 75 Mile radius of San Jose and Santa Cruz may require additional expense negotiation.


Especially in situations where passengers pay or pass tips the rates can be adjusted. I will also bend in my willingness to serve various charitable organizations, the disadvantaged, the elderly and handicapped people.


Options for all services include:


—Seating for three people or a family of four, with room for baggage, promotional materials, handouts, etc.

—A sound system using your mp3 player, iPod or mine.

—Assistance with decorating the pedicab.

—Space for a 21” high by 36” wide graphic behind the seat.

—Use of the solar canopy—w/ mega space for banners, graphics and flags on the structure.

—Cooperation in all ways to insure your function succeeds to the satisfaction of all.


Typical service involves moving people, physically and emotionally. Tours of any northern or central California locale can be set up. Other possibilities include advertising or promotional events requiring personal interaction or special displays mounted on the machine. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination. How can I help you?

Seasonal Service in Santa Cruz:

Services range from a ride home from the grocery store, to a couple hours taking in a variety of

Along the waterfront we cruise the Beach Boardwalk and Municipal Wharf, enjoy the coastline and the view across Monterey Bay on West Cliff Drive, watch surfers on Steamer Lane and perhaps take a beautiful detour on the levee along the San Lorenzo River.

On a downtown tour we can appreciate history on Mission Hill, and see the varied architecture, public art, and rich assortment of shops and dining options, stopping anywhere we like.

In season rates during regular operation are $12.50 per person, per half-hour, based on double occupancy, or $10 per person for three. For families with two or three children the kids average for one person. Very short rides start at $3 per person.

During the off season negotiated special event rates apply.

Your patronage contributes to the progress of this small but precious form of  sustainable transportation,  in order to serve humanity—
physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Please call  831-325-3350

or email  tom@emotionpedicab.com

© 2009 - 2014 Thomas Horner