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Tricycle Freight

© 2010-2014 Thomas Horner

Solar-Electric-Human Powered Utility Vehicles

for efficient, practical, local transport and moves up to 1K lb.

Get work done moving people and things, climb hills, scoot through town, enjoy some light exercise working with your motor, then park in the sun to recharge!

Have a machine custom built for your application:

This Electric Assisted Utility Vehicle foundation consists of a Main Street Pedicab “Classic” frame, and aluminum bed supported by a steel sub assembly with rear suspension shocks. A new carrier, evolving with use, is pictured above. A high torque electric motor chain drives the rear axle, pulling both rear wheels where the weight is. In this upgraded version,  a higher wattage, more robust high torque motor works in similar gear reduction as on the successful pedicab prototype.

The power supply here under the sun is another 36v 40ah lithium iron phosphate pack made by the world renowned Ping Battery, the proven, most dependable, and best power source for this fleet, after the sun.

The bed containers will evolve to carry a much higher efficiency, 300+ watt solar module. The old 200 W module is pictured.

This trike was a joint project with Arthur Boone of the Center for Recycling Research & Total Recycling Associates, and is in preparation for various civic uses.

Below: use of tiers to move lumber


The Foundation of  Experience since 1992

Tricycle Freight of S.F., here delivering Aeron chairs (there’s another inside the container) Y2K. Using a real cowbell from Dad’s farm, no drum shop simulation. Please see the archive page to learn more about this business, successfully operated in the technology boom years,

San Francisco, 1997-2002.

The thing of it is, Tricycle Freight,

was pedal pushing

   on concrete and paved experiences

      w/ hands on bars and packages,

intimately navigating  street space textures

through escalating wireless electric radiation

and  chem-trailed burnt fossil fueled haze of street dust clingiing to sweat

 Oh, the joy of refreshing rain!

       Simultaneous sliding and rolling over

slick metallic gratings

aerobic muscled momentum of gliding weight,

in a comical WWII aircraft-style riveted aluminum box,

into business with hand written rubber stamped invoices

when everyone else marveled at digitized illumination

the universal mind in pixelated representations of the past

and future dreams in fleeting images, ticks on charts

or liquid crystal sourced impressions for minds in orbit—

Here back pedaling to virtualize human powered effort,

“96- ’01, condescended to in adoration serving  capital,

 in a working class dialectic of craft and class,

luxuriating heroically on endorphins and exhaust fumes

expounding a new thesis of motion...

this time was lived, informs the present

even if virtualizing the human

back-pedals to a spectacle of micro-chipped simulations

that can not approach the windowless truth

and graceful motion

riding the wrong way in the opposing lane

remembering God in all, striving to transcend road rage

muscle bones steel and kevlar flowing

over the tarmac

operating with skill even to survive.

Please call  831-325-3350

or email  tom@emotionpedicab.com