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ake this service available out of dual passions—contributing to clean transportation, and serving people in a personal and direct manner.  The nice rides indeed offer relief and a refreshing experience. What’s more significant to me, however, is how we treat each other, in the personal and universal sense. That’s what we take away from our experience, and what matters most in the end. eMotion Pedicab is a response to the ailing condition of our fallen world, and to our need to come together and find sustainable and compassionate ways to cooperate.

I’m not new to the trade, but what’s different is the way I’m venturing out into new places. The business is the current outgrowth of years working on human and electric powered three-wheelers, and expresses my eagerness and joy in sharing the ride with others. I remain committed to advancing this form of transportation and social interaction, from each ever-present “right now,” into the future.

Beginning in 1992, for over 10 full time continuous years, I made my living in San Francisco on pedicabs, and as a courier with a flatbed and container box in place of the seat. I enjoyed thousands of trips up and down the Embarcadero, to Chinatown and North Beach, conversing with passengers from all over the world, sharing what I knew about the reality and history behind what we were looking at along the way. The courier work took me and my tricycle throughout the financial district, south of Market and beyond, up and down most skyscrapers, and over every busy street and dirty alley in The City. The experience and knowledge from the freight tricycle experience contributed to my competence as a helpful and knowledgeable pedicab operator. Hire me for a tour of The City if you like. I’ve been there, done it, and since worn out the T-shirts.

As a three wheeled courier I was most pioneering and independently successful year round. In 1996 I crossed the line first in the opening race for all cargo bikers at the Cycle Messenger World Championships, taking second overall. Through the dot-com boom years I successfully operated a sole-proprietorship called “Tricycle Freight of San Francisco,” delivering loads of printed materials, food, computer equipment, Aeron chairs 
and various loads up to about 1000 lbs., mainly in the financial district. I closed that business after the economic downturn bust in late 2002, and took a hiatus. I returned to S.F. for my last and most successful full-time pedicab season, working the season of 2004.

Since that time, I’ve also made a living in another form of passenger transport—as a charter bus driver—behind the wheel of 40-45 foot diesel powered machines with up to 55 precious lives on board. That work has taught me more about taking care of all kinds of people, and another angle on smooth and safe driving techniques. You could say I’ve done it all from the smallest to among the largest of passenger vehicles.  Now I’ve come back to bring a nimble electric-assisted transport device out on the streets.

Through the years I’ve tinkered with the pedicab, much like one attached in love with an antique car or motorcycle. In 2008 I first began experimenting with electric assist. I mounted the first prototype of my dual motor system to enable serving at a spiritual gathering at a beautiful place called Lighthouse Center Oregon.  I carried elderly and handicapped people, u
sing knobby tires over the hilly dirt paths and gravel roads on the remote property.  Since that time I have ventured to serve at a variety of venues culminating in the present business.

When I’m not hired for an event you might see me working in Santa Cruz, or dropping in on areas where foot traffic warrants the clean, deft and fun transportation device with the smiling driver offering you a ride. One way or another, I hope you accept my invitation, and I look forward to rolling along with you!


Please call  831-325-3350

or email  tom@emotionpedicab.com

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