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The Solar Charged Electric-Assisted Pedicab

Let’s ride, or build one for you!  (this pages needs updating, for more current photos please go here

This lively rolling hospitality is about going places, having fun and feeling good—positive, or even sentimental emotions come up! How can I forget the time I saw the guy slip the ring on his fiancee? The word eMotion also alludes to the electric assisted motion, or the mechanical advantage enjoyed from my own “two-speed” dual-motor drive system. The 21-speed pedal chain drive remains intact and pure, making this hybrid of human power and electrical force a very efficient, exciting, and enjoyable vehicle to ride.

The eMotion Pedicab uses a high efficiency solar panel, when possible, to charge the lithium iron phosphate batteries that power the dual-motor drive and sound systems.

This “high-tech rickshaw” offers audio to enrich your experience if desired. It will receive your iPod or MP3 player, or we can use my own to play selected music, FM radio, or informational narrative of your choice.

Sharing the fun with you is my passion. Most people have no idea about how luxurious ride is until they experience it. The system is controlled to top out at 20 mph, the maximum speed allowed by the State of California for electric-assisted bicycles. The electric motors enable the pedicab to climb hills with ease. The service is not so labor intensive—perhaps a little more delightful and acceptable to a wider range of passengers.

Electricity and a Human Heart

Power sources include a 36V 40AH Lithium Iron Phosphate battery juicing the somewhat proprietary all-wheel electric drive system, and a strong  heart pumping the blood for the chain drive. Most importantly of all, the human heart gives out to take care of passengers’ needs, comfort and overall positive eMotional experience.

The nimble machine’s wide seat comfortably seats three people. A differential gear allows superior mobility, while enabling efficient rear two-wheel pedal and electric drive. The additional front hub motor powers high gear overdrive. A hydraulic disc brake on the rear axle and a V-brake on the front wheel provide safe stopping power. A specialized rubber compound bumper shock suspension system along with two fat rear tires executes the smoothest ride this driver has given on the all the pedicabs he’s driven since 1992. In all, I think that the solar charged electric assisted pedicab is the most efficient and maneuverable multi-passenger hill climbing vehicle on the road, period, if not the most comfortable and luxurious in a new “green world” sense.

My trademark, working with the strong foundation of Main Street Pedicab’s excellent “Classic” frames since 1994, is to make custom modifications, that in my view, take the top-of-the-line machine to even higher levels of operating efficiency and passenger comfort. I always have and will work from the point of view of a seasoned operator (since 1992) and humble servant—not a manufacturer, advertising agent or fleet manager.

My aim and offer to you, with the tool of my trade, is to provide an optimal energy independent and socially enjoyable transportation experience that is graceful, rare and extraordinary. All this derives from common sense, the school of hard knocks, learning from others and their expertise in various clean technologies, and the all important emphasis on compassionate human service.

Years of experience as both a pedicab operator and a driver of full sized diesel powered 40-45″ motor coaches translates into instinctual execution of smooth, safe, law abiding and courteous driving habits. My invitation goes out to you and your friends, family, colleagues, and clientele to experience the free flowing feeling of the calm, clean, and quiet glide on the eMotion Pedicab.


Please call  831-325-3350

or email  tom@emotionpedicab.com

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