The career began in 1992, renting from Jeff Sears of Barbary Coast Pedicabs. Courier work to support myself in winter seasons eventually led to year round work as a freight tricyclist. Here’s where I felt most creative and self actualized in the successful attempt to bring the rickshaw downtown and integrate it into “real world” every day business.

Current interest is taking me back again to the “freight tricycle,” or utility delivery trike, this time with a similar electric drive on the rear axle enjoyed over the years on the pedicab.

Here’s a collection of photos, mostly scanned from 35mm prints, starting generally with more recent images going back. The culmination of the experience was the sole-proprietorship of Tricycle Freight of S.F., in full time action August 1999 through September 2002. Major clients included downtown Copymat print shops, an audio-visual equipment rental company, the Molinari Delicatessen, Palio a’Asti catering, and subcontract work for a variety of small to medium sized delivery companies. The heaviest load accurately weighed amounted to 860 lb. of calendars from a print shop.

Preceding T.F. of S.F. was a year and a half working full time for Ultra-Ex Inc., formerly Speedway, in the same day delivery business, gaining good experience working with a master dispatcher Charlie Lutke. Charlie kept me very busy with packages on board all day in a time of dot-com boom growth, Feb. 1998 - July 1999. the basic form of the riveted aluminum box got built previous before this stage, with a practical capacity equivalent to three stacks of six file/document/bulk paper boxes (18 total).

Previous delivery experience got it’s start working  two winters between pedicab seasons for Western Messenger Service. Using a carrier others dubbed “the clamshell,” capacity was limited, but dues were paid in beginning to realize the dream of practical use of the freight tricycle in the “post-modern” capitalist business environment of the high tech West coast city.

Some early pedicab shots are included for amusement.

Tricycle Freight of S.F. archive, delivery work Nov. ’95 - Sept. ’02