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Here’s your local green ride—using advanced clean-tech power, in hybrid with a persevering renewable resource... the human heart!

Just call to arrange transportation, a leisurely tour, or ad display services.

The chauffeur can bring this moving experience to you, for your purpose, anywhere in California.

  1. Special Events: eMotion Pedicab adds to fun and serves well at festivals, fairs, parades, weddings, conventions—a sweet convenience at your venue.

  2. Advertising and special promotions: The highly visible space for graphics around the cab and unique revolutionary solar canopy is great way to attract attention to your message, with or without passenger service.

eMotion Pedicab uses solar energy to charge a lively all-wheel drive electric-assist system. The service strives for the highest level of sophistication, passenger comfort, and clean smooth practical performance on three wheels. The owner/operator carries experience with pedicabs dating to 1992.

Lively locomotion, good conversation, and the high quality audio option all add to the utility and fun. Combining clean technology and luxury, to roll in a fresh green-world fashion of first class service, eMotion Pedicab moves us forward elegantly, gracefully and peacefully.

Practical, sustainable and luxurious

This one of a kind ride on a human-electric-solar hybrid approaches both energy independence and popular practicality in terms of operating speed, range, ability to scale hills, and load carrying capacity. This is also a light electric vehicle with pedals, filling up on bread and sunshine.

The most maneuverable multi-passenger vehicle you could employ, the pedicab negotiates tight spots and gets “close-to-the-door” with unparalleled ease. The service works well in situations of high-traffic density and inconvenient parking, as well as in calm, scenic and culturally rich areas for vivid, tangible touring experiences, or for that special celebration or sentimental ride.

Passengers delight in smooth rides delivered by a skillful seasoned specialist—with a touch of playfulness when appropriate! The chauffeur always caters specific personalized service for the optimal moving experience.

A clean aura of emissions-free sustainable integrity surrounds eMotion Pedicab’s cheerful and remarkable utility. We can climb steeper hills as needed, and maintain efficient speeds on flats, up light grades, and into the wind, leaving no trail of smoke.

The dual electric motor system’s lithium battery receives power from a high efficiency solar module, whenever possible, on the road and at the shop, in place of the plug-in charging option. The photovoltaic canopy nicely shades passengers from rays that effectively keep the electric system close to its lively full voltage capacity. The pedal-pushing driver also likes to burn, and will work for good fresh organic vegetarian food!



Special Event Service

throughout California

San Francisco & Monterey Bays

and serving Santa Cruz

for the 2014 season with

THE solar electric pedicab!

Solar-Electric-Human Powered Vehicles

design and consultation

left photo: A special ride on the Bay Bridge Trail

for Pete and Char Schneider, June 2, 2014

Please call  831-325-3350

or email

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Bhakti Chai of Boulder CO uses the solar canopy for a dazzling display of color in Anaheim—the only limitation is imagination!

Solar-Electric-Human Powered Transportation:

Distinctive Service and Vehicle Development